challenge info  
Name: Celeste Speedrunning Association
Category: Web
Difficulty: Easy
Points: 20




I love Celeste Speedrunning so much!!! It’s so funny to watch!!!

Here’s my favorite site!


Upon examining the Source Code, it appears that the website is utilizing a hidden input field called “start” that utilizes the Unix epoch time to verify the present time.


Once the button is clicked, the server calculates the duration from the start time to when the request is received by the server. If the duration is less than 0 sec the flag will be displayed. However, this can only be accomplished by modifying the epoch value to a future time (higher value), then send the data to server

This can be done using a simple Python script.

import requests

url = ''
data = {'start': '16825199999'}

response =, data=data)




Flag: actf{wait_until_farewell_speedrun}