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Name: Minecraft
Category: Misc
Difficulty: Easy
Points: 200




I just started playing Minecraft for my computer science class and forgot to remove a sign with my password before exiting the world. Could you please check what my password is.

Download Attachments here



The file was named bucketctfMC.mcworld and had a file extension of .mcworld However, upon checking the file type, I discovered that it was actually a zip file in disguise. To access its contents, I simply renamed the file extension to .zip and extracted it.


└─$ file bucketctfMC.mcworld                   
bucketctfMC.mcworld: Zip archive data, at least v4.5 to extract

└─$ mv bucketctfMC.mcworld     

└─$ unzip 
  inflating: db/000003.log           
  inflating: db/CURRENT              
  inflating: db/MANIFEST-000002      
  inflating: level.dat               
  inflating: level.dat_old           
  inflating: levelname.txt           
  inflating: world_icon.jpeg


one particularly interesting file was db/000003.log so I checked its contents using glogg tool. I just searched for bucket in the logs and got the flag




Flag: bucket{1L0V3MIN3CRAFT_1c330e9105f1}