challenge info  
Name: GetMe
Category: Web
Difficulty: Easy
Points: 50
Link: CyberHackathon



Web instance


  1. I initiated a search for subdirectories.
  2. found /.git directory.
  3. Used this tool to extract data from .git using command: sudo ./ http://ip/.git/ /tmp.
  4. To view all commits, I executed the command: git log.
  5. For detailed information about a specific commit, I used the command: git show AcommitHashABCDEF123, where “AcommitHashABCDEF123” is the actual commit hash. This is where you can find the flag.


  flag   Flag{QCFANjVhSkR3dnl1R2VtZ2t2UmRQbmJiQT09NzVmNTc4MzZkMmEzN2M1NQ==}